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AnkleProof™ Support Brace

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This Ankle Brace is one of the most recommended ankle supports by athletic trainers, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists. Over 35,000 people have found comfort using this ankle brace. This Ankle Support Brace is lightweight and durable and is embedded with 4D stretch technology. With a low profile design, this allows comfortable compression and targeted ankle support. For comfort in you your heels and toes, there are openings for easy circulation and ventilation. It slips on comfortably underneath a sock or right into your shoes for all-day support and relief!


Provides stability and support for ankle tendons and joints, reducing the risk of injury. It allows a wide range of motion during activity and still provides support for the ankle tendons and joints. Designed to Increase your performance while ensuring you’re a step ahead in injury prevention! It provides great compression that eases and helps improve blood circulation and provided pain relief from foot-related discomfort! Easy to wear, no lace. It provides excellent support and comfort for everyday use. With a versatile design, it can be worn with or without socks and can easily be worn with most style shoes.


Suitable for everyday use in regular activities or sports that have an effect on your joints over time, including Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Running, Weightlifting, Horse Riding, Climbing, etc.

Our ankle supports are the perfect fit for any activity requiring ankle movement. Wearing this strap reduces swelling, pain and recovery time following minor sprains and strains. Relieves stiffness, soreness and muscle fatigue. You’ll be able to enjoy exceptional ankle support while still maintaining your peak performance and a full range of leg motion!

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"Ankle Proof Support Brace has really helped the sprained ankle I had. In fact, I don't want to take it off it feels so good and frees me to go about my business without the pain. I think there was much careful thought, research, and planning (even in the small details) that went into designing and making these braces. The fabric and other materials are good quality, and, unlike other ankle support brace I have seen, it’s simple and easy to put on.

I am tremendously impressed and satisfied with this ankle support brace and recommend it to others."

- Joseph


Question: How many do I get per order?

Answer: You get 2 braces per order. You can wear them on both your feet or just one, depending on your needs. 

Question: How long can I wear them?

Answer: You can wear them for however long you want. Some of our customers wear it for specific activities like working out or dancing, while others keep them on during the day. If in doubt about any particular condition, we recommend that you seek your doctor’s advice on the duration.

Question: I have Achilles Tendonitis. Does it help curb the pain?

Answer: Yes, the compression around and under your heels helps reduce soreness and pain caused by Achilles Tendonitis. Please ensure that the brace is fastened properly.

Question: Can I wear it while sleeping?

Answer: Yes, you can wear them while sleeping. We, however, recommend that you loosen them slightly.

Question: You only offer 4 sizes. How do I pick the right size?

Answer: Our sizes are custom and fit a range of feet sizes. Please check the table below to know your size before ordering.

Our Size

Size (in Inches)


8.8 - 9.7


9.7 - 10.2


10.2 - 11.2


          11.2 - 12

Question: Does it hinder my feet’s flexibility?

Answer: No. Unlike hardshell braces, AnkleProof™ is extremely flexible. The open heel design allows you to move naturally, and without any restriction, making it perfect for athletes, sportsmen, yoga practitioners, and dancers too.

Question: Can I wear my socks over it?

Answer: Yes, you can wear socks or stockings over them with ease. This makes it great for wearing under your work shoes and pumps too.

Question: Do they cut off circulation to the feet due to tightness?

Answer: Compression socks provide compression without suffocating or reducing blood circulation. Ensure that you pick the perfect size as per the chart and adjust the tightness to your comfort.

Question: Can I wear it under my running shoes?

Answer: Yes, AnkleProof™ is made with Neoprene fabric and is lightweight and thin in texture. You can wear it under any shoes whether casual, formal or sports. It does not restrict your feet’s flexibility in any way

Question: Does it contain Latex or copper?

Answer: The AnkleProof™ is made using Neoprene and completely free of latex, copper or any other toxic/reactive materials. You can wear this with ease even if you have sensitive skin.

Question: How do I clean it? Does it get hard or stiff after washing?

Answer: We recommend that you rinse it with cold water and line dry it (Do not tumble dry). You can also steam cycle in your washing machine. It doesn’t get harder, lose its texture or shrink in any way.

Question: Can I wear them while swimming?

Answer: Yes, our users have had great experience wearing it while swimming, water exercises, or even at the beach. The quick-drying material makes it great for wearing it in water.

Question: I am recovering from a recent injury and have constant aches in my heel. Will this help in any way?

Answer: Compression and extra padding will definitely help reduce pain by curbing the inflammation and increasing circulation. AnkleProof™ is great for providing pain relief from other conditions like sprains, arthritis, tendonitis and any other heel related soreness or pain. It is also great for those who stand, walk or work all day.


Try the Ankleproof Support Brace completely risk-free for 30 days. If for whatever reason you decide you aren’t satisfied, contact our helpful customer support within 30 days of receiving your order and we’ll refund you, no questions asked!